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Do you have any suggestions for which houseplants would do well with all-day sun coming through a wall of windows? The air is really dry, too.

Pennie Putnam Linder

Hi ...

I want to know .. Should I prune my lavendar --some? to the ground? if so will it grow back --- or just trim off some winter kill outer edges?
It seems to be growing along the ground instead of upright. It is in full sun until late afternoon.



Every spring, I first remove all the dead branches from the lavender and then cut the remaining ones as close to the base as possible.It's critical that there be new green growth below the cut. If there isn't, the branch will die! Check out this site for more details. Good luck!

Linda Worthington

Hosta Virus X in my garden! I am a member of the NE Hosta Society and thought it couldn't happen to MY hostas. But yesterday I found Hosta 'Daybreak' with dark green veins with inkbleed. 'Daybreak' has heavy texture with prominent veins, but the veins should be of the same leaf color.

'Daybreak' has been in my garden since the summer of 2007. It was purchased at a nursery in Oxford center. I'm going to do a few things: first, put a container of Dawn in with my garden tools. Second, go through my records to see what other hostas I got at that time, and give them a more careful watch this summer. Third, remove more of the soil in that location.

Would anyone be interested in sharing the cost of a test kit for HVX ?

Nadine Lovell

I have just cut back a great deal of ivy growing up on my outside brick & around my vinyl windows. Is there a way to clean the brick & vinyl of the roots?

Diane Lavoie

Great we have an "ask the Gardener"

HOW DO YOU GET RID OF "STINGING NETTLE" or as I have nicknamed it the "Devil's weed"
Ugh! I dont know how it ever got into my terraced garden and now has somehow crept down the banking cart road. The roots are so tough, long then stretches out. And boy does it burn if you accidentally come in contact with it.
Someone once told me to try to "torch" the weeds in my stone driveway. Not to burn them but just enough so they start to wilt and they will die off. Havent tried that one yet. I have tried the vinegar spray for weeds between my pavers. Not impressed and need a lot of it. So any suggestions on the stinging nettle? (I think that is what it is called)


UGH stinging nettle. It got into our butterfly garden years ago. I basically hacked it to death (with industrial-thick gloves on) then dug and ripped at the roots with every tool I had until it was gone. And BOY does it sting even if you just brush against it. Good luck!

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